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:bulletred: -- Aiden  /  :bulletpurple: -- Andra

Describe yourself in one sentence.

:bulletred: A shy guy who just wants to feel like he accomplished something.

:bulletpurple: Willing to help out anyone who needs it.

What do you think is your best quality?

:bulletred: My intelligence; certainly not my powers by any stretch.  I can comprehend things more easily than most; it's quite fun!

:bulletpurple: My speed; I can outrace practically anyone in Andalusst.  Kinda boring, to be honest.

If you were able to change any of your traits, what would it be?

:bulletred: How shy I am; I mean, I'd like to make a few more friends.  It's just that I feel so unsure and unwelcome around everyone.

:bulletpurple: It'd be my lack of hands; I want to be able to fulfill my ambitions of being a great chef, aside from seeing the world.

Now describe your teammate(s) in one sentence each.

:bulletred: Really dedicated; even when things look bleak.

:bulletpurple: A sourpuss on the outside, but a sweetie on the inside.

:bulletred: Sweetie?  *blushes*

:bulletpurple: Oh, gosh, Aiden.

Do you think you make friends easily?

:bulletred: No.  In fact, I haven't made too many friends at all, save for one team.  They were pretty okay people.

:bulletpurple: I can make friends pretty easily.  There's a lot of friendly people in town, too!

Are you content with your life in general?

:bulletred: Well, once I start to feel noticed, I'll definitely feel more content.

:bulletpurple: I'd say I am, especially with Aiden around!

:bulletred: *blushes*

What are your feelings about your family?

:bulletred: My father didn't really feel all that compassionate; I mean, I'm sure he wanted to be, but he never showed it.  All he really said with some of the stuff I've done is, "Good job" or "You did well".  Didn't feel like much at all.  My mother was more friendly; she was my main source of comfort when things were bad.  I really do miss her.

:bulletpurple: My folks were awesome!  Sure, they were a little overprotective, but we usually flew around the forest a lot; my dad taught me a few tricks to give me an edge over others!  My mom's the reason I can cook so well; she used Psychic to make up for her lack of hands, something I'd like to do!

:bulletred: Seriously, she's a fantastic chef.  It's almost like heaven with every bite.

How were you educated?

:bulletred: I was homeschooled by my father.  He had a plethora of knowledge in books, which is why I love reading so much.  He was a really great teacher; not once did he sugar-coat anything.  

:bulletpurple: I was taught by the people in Glynnis Village; they were all mostly Xatu or Sigilyph; my favorites were always about far-away places, or stuff hidden in the fog that was just left behind.  There's a lot of places I really want to go to!  That's also one of the biggest reasons why I joined the Explorers in the first place.

What is your favorite hobby?

:bulletred: Reading is tons of fun for me!  I just love being lost in a good book; thankfully, Andalusst has tons of those.  It's like bliss in hundreds of pages.

:bulletpurple: Flying around the city, seeing all the sights!

What career do you hope to pursue in the future?

:bulletred: Oh, wow, I don't know.  Teaching's been on my mind, for sure.

:bulletpurple: Career?  I don't know; I like being free to roam the world, not stuck down the rest of my life.  But, you know, if I do settle down, I'd like to be a chef.

How good is your sense of direction?

:bulletred: I can certainly tell where north is.

:bulletpurple: I use the wind to tell where I'm going, along with instinct!  One of the things about being a Flying-Type.

As of now, what do you think is your greatest regret?

:bulletred: One time, I made Andra really angry by teasing her about her ability to cook, and she wouldn't talk to me for a week.  I felt really unsure and alone..

:bulletpurple: Running away from home.  I really miss my folks a lot.

Describe the strangest dream you’ve ever had.

:bulletred: Oh gosh, the strangest dream?  I've had so many, it's practically the new normal for me.  But I think the weirdest one was where I jumped down from a mountain and started flying through this weird, multi-colored sky with flying fish and..  Yeah, now it's coming back to me, and it's freaky.

:bulletpurple: I dreamed I flew around with arms instead of wings once.  It was kind of interesting.

:bulletred: Erm, I have no comment for that.

What is something you do that others may consider odd?

:bulletred: I mentioned I like to read, right?  Well, I like to read anywhere; it just absorbs me.

:bulletpurple: Odd?  I don't really do anything odd.  Well, unless you count flying around Andalusst in the middle of the night counts as odd, but I love being able to fly in the moonlight!  Makes me look mysterious.

How often have you seen your grandparents?

:bulletred: I was adopted, so I've never seen my grandparents.  I wonder if they're out there in some distant town...?

:bulletpurple: I saw my grandparents once; they came over to our village to see me when I was seven!  Of course, my granddad always brought gifts over from when he traveled the world.  One time, he brought a fossil over, and it was one of the coolest things I'd ever seen!  Though, it wasn't nearly as cool as that one stone he brought that glowed in the dark!  Wasn't a Chargestone, though; that's what was so weird about it!

What are some of your pet peeves?



In battle, would you be willing to take a hit for any of your teammates?

:bulletred: I don't know...  I'd try to stop it at all costs, but taking a hit?  Er...

:bulletpurple: I'd take a hit for any of my buddies, including Aiden!  No way would I let them get hurt!

Do you think any of your teammates would take a hit for you?

:bulletred: Yeah, I know Andra would.  She's nuts like that.

:bulletpurple: I'm sure they would.  I know they would.

What physical weaknesses do you believe you have?

:bulletred: I can't run for the life of me.  I'm so slow, I make Crustles look like Zebstrikas by comparison.

:bulletpurple: Just my lack of hands and being really bad at opening doors or stuff like that.  Again, sometimes I wish I wasn't born a Murkrow!

Do you consider yourself to be a risk-taker?

:bulletred: Not really.

:bulletpurple: If you dared me to fly the world's most dangerous obstacle course, I'd fly it three times, cause that's how damn good I am.

Have you ever killed or come close to killing anyone else?

:bulletred: Oh, creator..  Y-yes.  I was really angry when the bullies just wouldn't stop; I unleashed all my power on them, and I still remember seeing them after that.  They couldn't walk again, and I tried to say I was sorry..

:bulletpurple: I've been angry, but never enough to kill a guy.  This question's way too moody; can we move on?

Share a favorite moment from your childhood.

:bulletred: I don't have too many; it wasn't that great a childhood, to be honest.  Though I really loved how I read three books in one sitting; that was awesome.

:bulletpurple: Beating this one guy in seeing how high we could fly.  He shut up for about two months, and he never teased me about it again, either!

Can you cook?

:bulletred: If it was to save my life, I'd be dead in an hour.  Not from starvation, but from just how terrible the food would be.

:bulletpurple: *giggles*  I don't wanna brag, but..

:bulletred: *sighs*  No one's stopping you.

What qualities would you look for in a potential mate?

:bulletred: *blushes*  Oh, well.  I..  Uhm...

:bulletpurple: Someone who's really smart and sweet and can take charge..

:bulletred: It's a tad hot in here, don't you think?

Do you think you work well under pressure?

:bulletred: You know, I've found I can work really well under pressure.  Something just clicks and things get done quick.

:bulletpurple: I hate being rushed!  I can't stand it; if I was under pressure, I'd crack like a boiled Braviary egg!

Do you prefer to interact with large groups of people or small?

:bulletred: Small groups.  Crowds just make me nervous.

:bulletpurple: I like being with tons of people.  I like how there's lots of people to talk to!

What does it take to get you smiling?

:bulletred: Seeing Andra smile?  That's definitely one way.

:bulletpurple: Aiden being a real sweetheart.  Or being told I'm awesome at cooking.  Or even simple compliments.  Really, a lot of things make me happy!

When was the last time you cried?

:bulletred: Uhm, well..  This is really personal, but I feel like I can trust you with this.  When we were going through Widow Mountain, I had to carry Andra to the hot springs.  She was so cold, I thought she'd frozen to death saving me from the blizzard outside.  I sobbed the whole way there..  I never, ever wanna feel like that again.

:bulletpurple: Whenever I dream of my mom and dad or being lost in the fog for as long as I was, I tend to cry.  Gosh, I miss them..

When you aren’t out on Missions or other Guild assignments, how do you like to spend your day?

:bulletred: Either reading, practicing my psychic powers on water or earth, or playing chess with other Pokemon.  There's this really neat cafe I found that has chess; some of the people there are really brainy!  I even played chess with Archimedes once; I won one game.  He's won three.  I'll beat him eventually, mark my words!

:bulletpurple: I LOVE flying around a lot, or just helping people out if they need it.

Who do you think has been the most inspirational person in your life?

:bulletred: Andra.

:bulletpurple: Aiden.

:bulletred::bulletpurple: *look at each other and blush*

What do you think you might be doing ten years from now?

:bulletred: Hopefully being a Guild leader, or going back to my village to fix what I've done.

:bulletpurple: Soaring across the world, seeing everything I can see!

If you had to choose who to marry right here and now, who would it be?

:bulletred: Uhm...

:bulletpurple: question, please.

What is one motto that you think you live your life by?

:bulletred: Walk softly, and carry a big stick.  Or a Mamoswine.  I dunno!

:bulletpurple: Where there's a will, there's a way!
You can find the team application here:

Gotta say, this did help me figure a few things out for these guys.  I'm actually fairly satisfied with how this turned out!

Team Nephos belongs to me.  The meme itself belongs to PMDU; specifically, :iconooriddleoo:.  You can find the blank here, too:
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