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What a day it was.  One stupid event after another on this dreary-ass morning, like a miserable cavalcade of idiocy.

Not only was Aedus mostly blind and unable to focus his vision with Extrasensory, but now he was outnumbered by four little brats, one of whom was the perpetrator of this unnecessary, preventable crime.  It was a miracle he had been able to detect their faint signals through whatever mental concentration he could muster; though now, his good fortune had swiftly faded.

If only he hadn’t gotten that cold; if he’d been able to use his (fairly meager) psychic powers to detect that Nuzleaf among his doppelgangers; Aedus would have halted him, preventing his chances of earning a Star Coin from getting jeopardized.  Granted, he was paid moderately well working as a tour guide, but still; screwing up a chance to prove himself to the elite?  The vanguard of the Hunters’ Guild?

To Bernard?

No.  That could not happen.

“Alright, you little punks,” the furious Vulpix said as he took a step toward them as a wave of searing flames churned within his jaws; even if he was blind, he could still feel their tiny signals around him, and that was all he needed.  “I have just about had it with all this nonsense.  Give up your buddy, and I’ll forget I saw you.”

“You and what army, bud?” the Bulbasaur shouted.  His voice was dweeby, so it was hard to take him seriously.

“You think you can take us all by yourself?” the Pikachu chimed in; he was only eleven, judging from the sound of his cracked voice.  He was just hitting puberty.

“Yeah, who do you think you are?” yelled the Chimchar; he sounded the most high-pitched and childish.  These kids were angry; irritated thanks to their unfulfilled bellies.  They were ready for a fight.  The flames on Aedus’s tails intensified as he felt their signals get closer…


Aedus stayed on-guard; the other three kids stayed where they were.  Jeoffrey, the Nuzleaf, stepped forward to defend himself and his friends.

“Just please leave us alone, mister,” the Nuzleaf said, doing his best to remain confident.  His voice wasn’t as wimpy anymore.  “All we want is to eat before the blizzard comes in.  Just please, leave us alone.  We don’t wanna fight you.”

“Yeah, maybe you should’ve thought of that before robbing us.”  Aedus didn’t hesitate to throw the Nuzleaf’s crime back in his face.  “You’ve got a lot of nerve stealing from the Hunter’s Guild, buddy.”

“You don’t get it, do you?”

“No, I don’t.  Care to tell me why, before I kick your ass?”

Jeoffrey sighed, tilting his head down and closing his eyes.  This next part was painful for him to tell; still…

“We got kicked out.”  That caught Aedus’s attention; his rage calmed slightly.

“Come again?”  The fox’s flames died down a bit, but still remained lit.

“We used to live in an orphanage until they took it away.  They said they wouldn't let us live there anymore.  There were ten of us, trying to survive."

“…Were?” Aedus asked warily.

“One of us just…stopped moving.”  Grief took hold, and he wailed his little heart out.  Aedus looked away; not only were these kids orphans, but one of their friends was dead?  This was way too much for any of them.

He thought of how Bernard might defuse situations like this, and gulped.  He never bothered to come with him to help out any of the kids; looking back on it now, he regretted that.

Still, he had to try.

“Look, kid, I’m sorry you lost your friend; I really am.”  He stepped forward cautiously.  “But, you know, it's not entirely the end of the world.  You guys have made it this far because you didn't give up on each other.”

“…”  Jeoffrey sniffled; he stood there as tears and snot poured out like waterfalls.  “…You’re just saying that cause you feel sorry for me.”

“No way; I’m serious!”  Aedus cracked a huge grin.  “You're strong because you rely on each other to survive; you're alive because you trust in your friends, and that the trust in you!”  Jeoffrey looked up at him; the Bulbasaur, Pikachu and Chimchar all looked amazed.

“Y-you think so?”

“Yeah!”  Aedus patted his shoulder.  “Your friends should be proud to have a guy like you looking out for them!”  Said friends all smiled, walking over to Aedus; Jeoffrey threw himself at the fox, wrapping his arms tightly him.

“Th-thank you so much, m-mister!”

“Uh, aheh….  Okay kid, uh, you’re welcome.”  Jeoffrey pulled away, a little embarrassed about what he did; his friends all laughed, teasing him for it.  They all laughed; they were just glad things didn’t get any worse.  Their joy simmered down; the little Nuzleaf crossed his arms.

“Wow, Bernard was right about you, Aedus,” he said, smirking.

“About what?”  So Bernard's been blabbing about me; guess I shoulda seen that coming.

“You really are a big softy.”

“Ah, wh-wha??”  He crossed his arms, pointing his nose toward the sky; they all just laughed at him, enjoying how embarrassed their former pursuer was.  “N-no I’m n-not!!  I-it’s m-my duty to help the poor is all!  I-it’s all for a good cause!”

“Suuuuuuuuuuuure it is!” chimed the Chimchar.  The Bulbasaur and the Pikachu just giggled themselves silly watching this scene take place.

"Aww, big brother Aedus is so cute when he's embarrassed!" the Pikachu said, laughing.

“Sh-shut up!!”  Their mirthful laughter kept echoing as Aedus felt beaten by his overwhelming embarrassment.


The day was done, and the two Hunters found themselves in Teresa’s office in the Explorer’s Guild headquarters.  The room was littered with paperwork; it was obvious she’d been pretty busy dealing with written applications and completed errands, and it showed on her face, too.  Seeing the two return to report on a job well-done was both heartening, yet stressful at the same time.

“Thank you both on a job well-done; your work, uh, was incredibly invaluable today!” she said as she handed them their Star Coin via her Vine Whip; Aedus took it with a grin plastered on his face.

“Ah, it was no biggie!” the fox said, beaming with pride.  “All in a day’s work, right, Bernard?”

“Yes, quite,” the old turtle replied, clearing his throat.  “We’ve had no complications in dealing with this errand in any way.  None whatsoever.”  Something caught his attention, then; from the window right behind Teresa sprouted a tiny little face peeking out from the bottom.  It was Jeoffrey, breathing on the glass, writing a little message in the fog: “Thanks for the food, Uncle Bernard!”

“Hm??”  From where she was sitting, she couldn’t really see the writing.  After a few seconds, Teresa turned to look at the two Hunters, who just stood there, waiting.

“Erm, Bernard, we’d better get back home—“  He nudged the turtle with his elbow.  “--there’s a dish you’ve been meaning to teach me, right?”

“Wha--  Oh, ahm, yes!  Yes, indeed!  I’ve been trying to help Aedus cook for a while, now!  He’s still rough around the edges, but he’s learning, certainly!  Yes, he’s learning, alright..  We shall see you later, ma’am!”  The two hastily absconded, leaving a confused Teresa to wonder what was going on.

“Now what in the world…?”
PMDU The Humble and the Bold Errand 12, Part 2
The conclusion of their first errand (that actually counts towards earning something, XD)

There's still MUCH improvement I can do in terms of defusing a situation.  I'd appreciate some tips as to how to better improve negotiation skills, asIamashelteredperson,;w;

Teams Used:

PMDU HG Written App: The Humble and the Bold

Teresa, Andalusst, et. al belong to :iconpmdunity:.  Jeoffrey and pals, Bernard, and Aedus belong to me, as does this story.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: PMDU The Humble and the Bold Errand 12, Part 1

Part 2: You are here, :3
Hm, been a while since the last update: let's fix that.

So, I've been pretty focused on PMDU, as well as school; I've got a project due in less than a week, too, so I gotta get on that.  Yey for school!~

I'm gonna end up finding a better place to work retail at; things have grown stagnant, and I need a change.  I need a place to work at that isn't so stressful, @_@  I'm dreading Christmas-time, to be honest.

And finally, I'll be cleaning up my journal history; there’s a bunch of stuff that's so old and terrible, and I need to get everything in order.

There'll be a few surprises on the way, too, :D
How did we get wrangled into this?

Aedus rummaged through his thoughts as he and Bernard stood by a thin Guild market stand in the freezing cold, passing out rations to those who needed them.  Most of the Pokemon coming up were natural carnivores: Charmeleon, Braixen, and Luxray, to name a few.  The Vulpix watched as Bernard passed them one meat ration at a time; they looked so sad, Aedus contemplated.  His heart bled for them.  The fact that the sky was shrouded by a dreary curtain of grey vapor didn’t help lighten the mood any.  The Carracosta’s blank expression betrayed the compassion locked away in the dusty confines of his heart; still, he kept handing out one ration per Pokemon who came up to their cart.  His dry eyes ground against his sockets as they moved around, gazing at everyone plodding along.  He couldn’t betray the trust of the representative who issued the errand; dishonesty was not a policy he intended to condone today.

“Thank you,” came the compassionate voice of a Victreebell as she took her meatroot ration from Bernard’s flippers, her eyes beaming with joy.

“You’re quite welcome, ma’am.  Have a good day.”  Bernard turned to look at his protégé.  “You seem troubled, young Aedus.”  His deep voice echoed through the empty caverns of Aedus’s ears.

“How many times have—“ Aedus quickly canted his head away from Bernard; he was losing his cool in front of him again.  “Hmh.  Yeah, I guess I am.  All these people asking for rations reminds me of when we were living on the streets.”  Aedus made a tiny Will-O-Wisp in his right paw; the cold shied away from his appendage, anxious to escape the heat.  The tiny blue flame twisted and flickered restlessly; it was like a tiny azure Fire/Fairy dancing for his amusement.  “We were left with nothing; had to mooch just like everyone else.  No more chefs, no more fancy pantry, nothin’.”

“Yet look where we are now; we’re the ones giving the poor hope in their time of need.”  Bernard passed a meatroot ration to a family of two Axew and a Fraxure, the mother of her children.  They walked on by with tiny smiles in contrast to Aedus’s miserable expression.  The turtle turned to look at his protégé.  “Life has a way of turning one’s fortunes on a dime.”

“Yeah, and I’m gonna keep making the most out of mine.  I don’t ever want to live dirt poor anymore.”  The two Hunters continued passing out rations, watching the dreary parade pass by.  Then…

“A-a-ah, achoooo!!”

“Young Aedus?”

“Mh.  It’s just a sneeze.  Don’t freak out about it.  It’s not like I’ve got a-- A, a-ah-aaaaaaaachoo!!” *snnnrghhk!*” A nearby Wartortle expressed his disgust before resuming his commute.  This day was just b-e-a-utiful.

“Once this is over, perhaps I can cook you some vegetable and meatroot soup?” the old turtle suggested with a chuckle.  “Or perhaps you’d prefer to be a trooper and saunter through it?”

“Trust me, I’m going to get over thi-- Ah, ah, aaaaaachoo!  *snrrrk* you’ll see.”

“I’m sure you will.”

A tiny whimper caught their attention; a pitiful-looking Nuzleaf slogged over to them, who Aedus was tempted to feel sorry for.  The old stoic next to Aedus refused to budge, however.

“E-excuse me…  C-can I h-have two, please?” his young voice rang; from the sound of it, this Nuzleaf had just hit puberty.  Bernard recognized it; yet, said nothing.

“I’m sorry, little one, but we can’t do that,” the turtle calmly declined, kneeling down.  “You’ll have to take one like everyone else.  It wouldn’t be fair if we gave you more, okay?”  It pained him inside to do this, but he was committed, without a doubt.  Aedus sensed something was amiss; it was almost as if Bernard recognized this kid, judging by the shift in his tone of voice and body language.

“Pleeeeeeeeeeeease??”  If one looked long enough—minutes at most--they’d have succumbed to the Pokemon’s fearsomely cute stare.  “I promise I won’t tell anyone!  I’m so hungry!!”

“I’m sorry, but the answer is--“

“Please, Uncle Bernard!  Just for me!  I promise, I won’t tell anyone!”  Aedus snapped his gaze at his teammate.

“Wait, you know this brat?”  Now Bernard was caught between a rock and a hard place.  He knelt down to better meet his gaze with the Nuzleaf’s.

“Look, Jeoffrey; as much as I want to, I can’t do that for you.  I’m upholding my end of an errand for the Guilds, and I can’t treat you any more special than the rest of these folks.”  He pointed east.  “Go on back to the orphanage; I’ll buy you some later.”

“No, I need them now!  You don't understand!  C’mon, pleeeeeeease??”  The Nuzleaf was small, but he was persistent; however, Aedus wasn’t about to let one little Grass/Dark Pokemon cheat him and Bernard out of a Star Coin.

“Sorry kid, but a job’s a job.  If you don’t like it, that’s too bad.”  He shook his head, grabbing a fleshcap ration and handing it to the little shrub.  “Now go on.”  But, wouldn’t anyone know it; the tyke refused to take no for an answer.  Jeoffrey cloned himself with Double Team, catching the duo by surprise.  He took his chance, snatching a whole bunch of rations and running off as fast as he could.

“Ngh, hey!!”  Aedus took off in hot pursuit, ignoring Bernard’s protests.  The Nuzleaf ducked down an alleyway, afraid for his life.  Second thoughts danced around in his mind, but he shunned them quickly; hunger was the biggest priority right now.

Thankfully for the tiny thief, his pursuer ran into complications of his own; the Vulpix’s vision was blurry and unfocused, unable to make out what was ahead of him, bumping into the walls.  He let out another sneeze, shaking his head.

Dammit!  This stupid cold is messing up my Extrasensory!  Agh!  He grumbled, bumping into the right wall again.  Why now, of all days, does some little punk have to go and play thief?  This is ridiculous!  Aedus panted, feeling woozy from his cold-induced fever; now was NOT the time to go chasing wannabe thieves.  But, he wanted that Star Coin badly, and he’d be a Monferno’s uncle if he let it slip away.

“Kid, come on!  This isn’t funny, y’know!  A-ah, aaachoo!”  He slowly walked down the alleyway on his hind legs, feeling his way on the walls.  “Kid!!”  He clenched his left paw tightly; he was not going to let his blindness get the better of him.  Not today.  He followed what he thought were four faint signals, one of which was moving away at great speed.

After what felt like trekking through a dark tunnel for hours, through intertwining alleyways, Aedus found himself at a dead-end; the scent of firewood barely made itself noticeable to his nostrils.  He could barely make out the Nuzleaf and three other shapes; a Bulbasaur, a Chimchar, and a Pikachu, all gathered around the blaze.  They’d split up the rations among themselves, making do with what they had.

“Alright…”  The fox plodded toward them slowly; this game of cat and mouse ended now.  The four blobs in his field of vision were terrified, but he didn’t care.  “I’m blind, I’ve got a nasty co—oh, ohhhh—aaachoo!!  *snrrrk*”  A quick shake of his head later, and he directed his angry gaze at the kids; Will-O-Wisps lit the ends of his tails, flickering brightly, giving off a menacing look.  “And I’m out of patience.”
PMDU The Humble and the Bold Errand 12, Part 1
Client: Teresa
Errand: #12
Date Issued: November 13, 2014
Date Due: November 18, 2014


Anywh, this is my first part of Errand 12, where we learn a little about this team of mine, as well as their (well, not really their first, but I've yet to do the other Errands) challenge.

Nh, tried hard to get my team's personalities down-pat; I think I nailed it alright.  I think I'll have fun with these two evenifthiserrandsubmissionisincrediblyloweffort

Teams Used/Cameo'd:

PMDU HG Written App: The Humble and the Bold

Aedus and Bernard belong to me.  Andalusst, et. al belong to :iconpmdunity:.  This story belongs to me.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: You are here, :3

Part 2: PMDU The Humble and the Bold Errand 12, Part 2
Hm, been a while since the last update: let's fix that.

So, I've been pretty focused on PMDU, as well as school; I've got a project due in less than a week, too, so I gotta get on that.  Yey for school!~

I'm gonna end up finding a better place to work retail at; things have grown stagnant, and I need a change.  I need a place to work at that isn't so stressful, @_@  I'm dreading Christmas-time, to be honest.

And finally, I'll be cleaning up my journal history; there’s a bunch of stuff that's so old and terrible, and I need to get everything in order.

There'll be a few surprises on the way, too, :D

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